Luminary Rose

Womens Wellness, Healing Arts & Empowerment 



6.30am - 7.45am

Wake up and Glow! A yoga class for Women's vitality & wellbeing.

45 minutes of movement, followed by 30 minutes of nourishing rest.

Designed to boost energy levels and suitable for women at all stages of life

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8pm - 8.45pm

Yoga Nidra for rest, relaxation and restoring energy levels.

Suitable for all women at all stages of life.

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9.15am - 10.45am

A Sunday morning class to liberate energy, restore vitality and honor the inner and outer seasons.

Suitable for all women at all stages of life.

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Private Sessions.....

Well Woman Womb Yoga - a therapeutic approach

Sessions in person, by phone or online via Zoom

Therapeutic approach for women and their wombs at all stages of life.  Fertility, Menstruation, Pregnancy, Post Partum, Peri Menopause, Menopause, Post Menopause. 

Email Gemma to book a 1:1 session

Online Flower Essence Therapy - healing the emotional body

Sessions in person, by phone or online.

Flower essences are a powerful healing modality which can create deep emotional healing and freedom

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Online Gem Essence Therapy - healing the physical body

Sessions in person, by phone or online.

Like Flower Essences, Gem Essences facilitate the body to deeply release past trauma and wounding. Our health, reproductive, hormonal, spiritual and energetic issues can then come into balance Click here for more information

Intuitive life reading & healing sessions

Sessions are available in person, by phone or online. 

Each appointment lasts 1hr.

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Moon Temple Online Community...

Each full moon we connect to celebrate our womb wisdom and feminine spirit. This live zoom meeting hosted by Gemma provides sacred space to deepen, nourish and get to know our own inner temple for the following dates

The 2021 online community is open

Email Gemma to register your interest

Moon Circle Series, 6 class series, bi weekly.

Join an incredible group of women in circle to connect, purify and activate our feminine energy. Discover the power of your innate wisdom as we meet in sacred space and gather in sisterhood. Let me guide you through women’s wisdom and embodiment practices, connecting womb to moon as we journey into different aspects of the goddess every fortnight. Explore deep healing & creative potential via breath, movement, visualization & ceremony.

Reconnect to nature and reclaim your truth, beauty & wild sacred wisdom!

Practice Ideas…

Create an Altar...

An altar is a sacred space that you create. The purpose of this space is to remind your self to come home. I like to place things on my altar that signify beauty, love and healthy relationships. There are no hard or fast rules, just listen to what feels good and go with it...

Here's a few tips of getting started, let me know how it goes!

What is it that you wish to create in your life?

What do you choose to manifest?

1. find a space to create your altar, this can be a windowsill, shelf, table and be inside or outside. Ideally it's a space where you can sit quietly. Best if it's not in a main thoroughfare, so the energy is not disturbed frequently
2. clean the space - you can do this by smudging with sage, spraying a purifying spray or simply holding the intention that the space be clear and free of all negative energies
3. form an intention - what is it that you wish from your time at your altar?
4. place anything on your altar that remind you of your intention. Pictures of loved ones, teachers, crystals, fresh flowers, statues of deities, any gifts of nature you find throughout your day- leaves etc. You choose what feels good and feel free to change it up anytime, remember this is about YOU and what makes you remember your beauty and who you want to be in this lifetime.
5. Visit your altar regularly, I tend not to make any rules about this. Perhaps just place your intention to arrive once a day for a few moments, sit, close your eyes and breathe.

You can stay for as long as you like in this sacred space and return anytime. Practice some of the meditation offerings below, try a restorative pose, or simply just 'be' for a while. Enjoy! xxx

Video & Audio Gifts… 

Enjoy this short video clip with practice gift for releasing and letting go:

Here's a short audio meditation you can practice in the energy of the New Moon.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on,