Luminary Rose

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Women's Empowerment & Emotional Freedom Coaching

There’s something I’d really like you to hear….


Most of us are looking for ways to exist and relate in the world, but sometimes find ourselves unable to attract love, saying yes when we mean no, fearing judgment by others, helping others at the expense of our own self esteem, experiencing anxiety and overwhelm….the list goes on!  

I support women to release & heal deep-seated habit patterns, past pains and wounding. To reclaim their feminine power, discover their truth and find emotional freedom, so they can live the life they would love to have for themselves.

I support women who have been suppressing their feminine health symptoms for years and are now struggling with PMS, painful cycles, endometriosis, fertility challenges, pregnancy issues, post partum imbalances, fibroids, chronic fatigue, fibro myalgia and nervous system issues.

I support women who are experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, stress and fear that limits their beliefs and holds them back from what they truly desire.

Together we navigate a way home, to remember & reclaim their truth beauty & wild sacred wisdom. Unearthing the possibilities alive in their hearts and in their wombs!

As a woman, deep within you there is innate power to release, transform, heal & birth yourself again & anew.

Let me guide you into remembering and reclaiming your truth, beauty & wild sacred wisdom ™ 

Let me guide you into remembrance…..

As a transformational guide, I empower women to connect with their innate wisdom. Coaching support is combined with flower essence therapy, healing arts, shamanic practices & techniques to encourage free flowing emotions. Shifting deep-rooted patterning and habits that have imprinted usually during childhood and are still in charge today.

As a certified flower essence practitioner I use this potent form of botanical medicine within my work to help promote deep release and create profound healing & emotional freedom, so that you can live your life from the present, rather than based on old hurts and out-dated core beliefs.

I am so passionate about this work, having seen the results in my own life and in my clients, and would love to share this with you should you feel a 'yes.'

As a yoga teacher and birth worker, I empower and assist women through conception, pregnancy, birth and post partum. I'm qualified to teach techniques to assist with every phase and specialise in SPD, PGP, Diastasis Recti.