Luminary Rose

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When: To be announced soon!

Time: TBA

Where: Online via zoom

RELEASE your mind, RESTORE your wellbeing, RETURN to yourself

REGISTER HERE - once open

Cost: $30 in advance; $35 day of

- gentle yoga postures with nourishing breath work to circulate blood & release stress energy stuck within

- restorative yoga practice with flower & gem essence therapy to attune & balance each energy center (chakra), ease mental tension, soothe your nervous system & boost your vitality

- yoga nidra (supine guided meditation) to reconnect you with your essential self and innate nature for wellbeing & balance


Summer Solstice Yoga Circle & Ceremony

When: Sunday 20th June

Time: TBC

Where: TBC


Registration essential

Details to be confirmed via email after registration.  

- Stoke your inner light

- Align with the Sun   

- Infuse and radiate with all potential of the season

As the days get longer, the Sun shines brightly in the sky above.  A time to honor our connection to this great source of light & harness its energy in celebration of our own radiance and willingness to be seen.

Kick your summer off with Gemma as she guides you through a fun, warming & rejuvenating yoga practice to awaken & build heat in the body and heart. 

 Light your inner fire, energize your life and fan the flames of your summer intentions!

Please bring the following: journal & pen, your favorite crystals/rocks, for those that have been before can bring their crystal that was gifted previously, a few flowers.


Winter Solstice Yoga Circle & Ceremony 

Date: Winter Solstice - Tuesday 21st Dec 2021

Where: TBC

Time: TBC

Price:  $30

- Trust in the silence

- Honor the changing seasons

- Complete in the darkness

- Welcome the light back into your life!

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you are invited to rest in silence, honor the darkest day and complete all that has been this past year. Gemma will guide you through a nourishing restorative yoga practice, self-reflection, conscious closure and inner healing. Trust in the sacred pause as we enter the darkness. Celebrate your inner light as the earth’s light begins to return. Get still, slow down & listen to your inner knowing as we align with the earth’s wintery rhythms.

Bring a journal, pen & symbol/image of what you are completing at this time.


New Year’s Day Yoga Circle & Ceremony

- Drop within & return to your inner rhythms after the holiday season

- Root & reclaim your energy

- Empty into the deep embrace of the unknown

- Seed in fertile ground

After the busy holiday season, you are invited to remember your inner rhythms & empty into the unknown. There is a tendency at this time of year to fill the space of the unknown. On this auspicious first day of the year, allow Gemma to guide you through a self reflective yoga embodiment practice, as you surrender into fertile darkness & sacredly seed what wants to emerge in 2022.

Bring a journal & pen.

Date:  Saturday 1st January 2022

Where:  Online via Zoom

Time:  9.30am - 11am

Price $30


A community gathering to celebrate the Spring Equinox!

As the sun crosses the celestial equator, there is equal time between night and day. The dark depths of winter begin to give way to longer days of springtime as we honor the balance between dark and the light. Join Gemma for a community celebration, joyfully planting the seeds of our intentions for a blossoming springtime of creative manifestation! The afternoon will include a nourishing all levels yoga practice to cleanse and stoke the fires of motivation, guided yoga nidra to restore and plant your intentions, ceremony and celebration to activate manifestation.

When: Spring Equinox 2022

Where: Online via Zoom / in person

Time: TBA

Price: $30



NOURISHING WISDOM ~ A retreat for body, mind and soul

Join us for this nourishing retreat as we weave yoga, restorative yoga, guided meditation, yoga nidra, journaling, creative expression, shamanic journeying & lunar wisdom together to nourish, heal ancient bloodlines and explore all that we are!


WELLNESS RETREAT ~ Journey into the heart with the Goddess of Love

It is time to offer the healing essence of self-love to yourself. To stop belittling, judging and comparing yourself. This is your invitation to shift your focus away from obsessing over your outer form of beauty and to go within.

Get real with what IS and grasp the notion that YOU are a unique creation! 

Fully embrace yourself standing in raw power, radiating out to the world, unapologetically in full awe of your own unique beauty. 

 With gratitude as our guide and the expansion of the senses as our tool, we will explore and dive into the chamber of the heart to access the Goddess of Love!

Lets unite in being-ness to turn the volume up on LOVE!

She is awaiting your YES!